Leucan is delighted to count on Classcraft as a partner for the 2022 Halloween campaign. The partnership between the two Quebec organizations is only natural, as they share many values in their respective missions, including improving academic culture for students through creative and engaging initiatives.

Classcraft introduces a playful spirit in classrooms around the world and continues to encourage positive behaviors since the launch in 2013. Built to motivate students in each of their classes, Classcraft creates a fun and culturally relevant environment for today’s learners.

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Classcraft’s contributions to Leucan’s Halloween Campaign

In order to make Halloween even more special this year, Classcraft will provide several elements for Leucan’s Halloween campaign activities. All schools that register can receive a school license to their platform, valid from the moment they register until November 15th. A draw for 5 annual licenses will be held among all participating schools.

On the Classcraft platform, students will find a themed pet, as well as special gear for their avatars. The art team will also create exclusive illustrations for the Leucan Halloween Campaign drawing contest.

An inspired choice

Classcraft connects with students by creating excitement around avatars, pets, and a sense of adventure. Of course, in the context of Halloween, that means costumes, fantastic creatures, and stories!

It’s a partnership guaranteed to create a moment of wonder for children in need, as well as for all those around them.