Activities to do in elementary class

Learn more about Leucan and childhood cancer throughout the month of October. Cabosse and her friends developed several learning activities to educate your students on childhood cancer while having fun.

Group discussion on Leucan and on pediatric cancer

A Family Story

A Family Story consists in a series of five videos featuring families with a cancer-stricken child. Each family explains how Leucan’s support helped them through their child’s cancer. Watch the videos in class and answer the questions online or print the questionnaire and have your students answer the questions in teams. This is a great way to instigate a dialogue on this sensitive topic with your class.


What is cancer?

Cabosse prepared a presentation on childhood cancer suitable for elementary school students. The Leucan Halloween Campaign is an excellent opportunity to expose children to the reality of some of their classmates.


Activities to do in class

October Calendar of activities


Cabosse suggests various activities to do with your students throughout the month of October to promote solidarity and mutual aid. 


Activity Book


Students can have fun, help each other, and get involved while boosting their sense of pride by contributing to a good cause. Discover the many activities available!


Colouring Contest

Colour and help hundreds of cancer-stricken children.

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Learning and Evaluation Situations


Since these documents were developed before the pandemic, they are based on counting coins from physical money boxes.

In partnership with Université de Montréal, Leucan produced a series of Learning and Evaluation Situations (SAÉ) meeting the criteria of the Quebec Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

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