Did you know that your school could win prizes by participating in Leucan’s Halloween Campaign ?


Start the school year with Classcraft

Classcraft is a platform that makes classroom management easier for teachers and motivates students to reach their full potential. The platform’s collaborative and fun experiences will be available until November 15 for schools that register to participate in Leucan’s Halloween Campaign.

After Halloween, there will be a draw for five Classcraft school licenses for one year, valued at $4,000 each.

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Your school could receive a cash prize, courtesy of Desjardins

Desjardins is inviting schools to participate in Leucan’s Halloween campaign and to provide support to children with cancer. Your school could win a financial bursary to buy classroom supplies or any other equipment for the school year.

Four $250 prizes will be drawn among all participating schools, four $500 prizes will be drawn among schools that raise more than $500 for the campaign, and two $1,000 prizes will be drawn among schools that exceed the $1,000 fundraising milestone.

Win a full collection of the Agent Jean comic books and a chance to meet Alex A, the creator of the series

This is a great opportunity for students to learn more about the world of comics and to add to your school’s library! A random draw will be held among all the schools participating in Leucan’s Halloween Campaign.