Your students’ parents and relatives are valuable allies in helping your school reach its fundraising goal. Copy and paste this text into your classroom management platform, email or any other tool you use to communicate with your students’ parents.

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Dear Parents, 

Our school is participating in Leucan’s Halloween Campaign to raise funds online throughout the month of October to support children with cancer and their families.

The Halloween Campaign helps finance several of Leucan’s essential services, including the school awareness and support service. The harmful effects of the disease are not limited to the health of the child, and many obstacles persist when returning to school after a long absence.

In 2021, 344 schools raised more than $136,000 as part of the Halloween Campaign to allow Leucan to be present to, in part, relieve the anxiety of families at the time of school reintegration.

Would you be willing to make a donation to our school’s virtual campaign?

The project also includes several activities designed with the help of teachers that we will do together in class. To learn more about these activities and the initiative, or to encourage your child by making a donation to our school’s virtual campaign, visit

We are counting on everyone’s participation!